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A Chat with Localish Co-Founder

Jenn Biestman, our co-founder had an amazing opportunity to be recently featured on The Oceanriders Podcast


Hosted by Imi Barneaud, she describes the weekly podcast as “showcasing conversations with entrepreneurs, creatives, thinkers and dreamers who also happen to be surfers. The Oceanriders Podcast. Guests share their life path and how they’ve created or landed their dream job: a job that is close to the ocean and enables them to chase waves.”

On episode 11, Jenn shares an uplifting story of overcoming an immobilizing back injury, resetting her life’s priorities, strategies to “hack” the surfing progression, and the creating of the Localish brand.

jenn biestman surf

Big thanks to Imi for having us on the podcast! It was like chatting with a friend that you’ve known for years, as she’s such a warm and welcoming host. We’re so grateful for this amazing experience, and we really enjoyed sharing our story. We hope we can inspire and encourage others to overcome life’s difficulties and turn those setbacks into a thriving passion. 

Please tune in and follow the podcast for more interesting and inspiring conversations from ocean lovers around the world: 



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