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The Birth of Localish Apparel - Our Story

The Birth of Localish Apparel

Aloha Friends, and welcome to The Lo-down! 

In our first post, we wanted to share the story of how we started Localish Apparel, and even more important—the localish philosophy.

We enjoy having a flexible lifestyle by residing in both California and Hawaii and have travelled to many countries over the past few years—mainly for surf trips. During our travel experiences, we have met people and communities that have welcomed us with open arms—so much so that they make us feel like one of the locals.

If you’re familiar with surf culture, you know that it can sometimes come with territorial attitudes. “This is MY surf spot” or “Locals only, dude” or “No standup paddlers allowed” are terms that are commonly expressed. This notion is prohibitive, unwelcoming, and dare we say ethnocentric. The “Locals Only” attitude isn’t limited to just surf culture—it transcends to ideas of religion, sexuality, and nationalism.

The idea of “localish” came to us when a bartender in Santa Cruz, CA asked if we were locals. Living an hour away from Santa Cruz, we shrugged and said, “kinda…sure, I guess? We’re local-ish.”

Localish. We pondered that term for a few minutes, as we realized we get asked that same question quite frequently—especially because we go back and forth between California and Maui and take other various trips. What does it mean to be a “local,” we thought. After a bit of contemplation, we concluded that you’re a local wherever you feel that sense of belonging—just like how people we meet while travelling make us feel like we belong to the community. To be ‘local’ is truly a state of mind, rather than location based.  

Localish takes the idea of “locals-only” and flips it on its head. Being “Localish” means welcoming others and sharing your culture; also respecting and understanding the cultures around you. Awareness, respect, and open-mindedness are the cornerstones of the local-ish movement.

With that, Localish was born and our apparel is inspired by this philosophy. We will be launching in Summer 2017 with original, high quality designs for men and women, with plans to launch a kids line in the near future.

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In addition to our website, please check us out and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  Please share with your friends as we grow the localish community!

We look forward to sharing our vision with you.



Jenn & Greg


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