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Choosing the Right Sunscreen - Part 1

Guilty as charged. I was totally into the tanning bed crazy in the early 2000s. We all do stupid things in our younger years, and while we can't erase the past we can certainly take charge now. As avid surfers and lovers of the outdoors, we've tried a TON of sunscreens over the years. Our goal was to find a sunscreen that was reef/eco friendly, all natural, doesn't cause skin breakouts, and most importantly, actually keeps us sunburn-free after hours in the water and harsh UV rays.

We have finally perfected our facial sunscreen system using products from Raw Elements, and we're stoked to share it with you! Follow these steps for flawless sun protection, and you'll thank us later.

Step 1: Apply Raw Elements Tinted Face Moisturizer. This SPF 30+ is a great moisturizer and base layer for a long day in the sun. 


Step 2: Apply Raw Elements Eco Tint Stick. After you apply your base layer face moisturizer, the SPF 30+ tint stick will apply very easily and evenly. Apply a nice layer to your face, and gently rub it in to make sure your face is fully covered. Don't forget to cover your hairline and ears, as these spots can get overlooked.


Step 3: Apply Raw Elements Lip Rescue. Don't forget to protect those puckers! The SPF 30+ stays on and keeps your lips covered.


And there you go, you're gorgeous face is now protected. Now go do something fun outside! Oh, and don't forget to reapply after vigorous exercise or swimming. It stays on all day, but we want you to be on the safe side.

* Note: Raw Elements does not pay us, we simply love their products!


Want to try out Raw Elements for FREE? We're holding a contest to giveaway an entire package of Raw Elements products so you can try it for yourself. Oh yeah, and win a $150 Localish gift card too! The contest runs from 10/27/17 - 11/6/17, and you can enter here, or at

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  • Misty Shallcross : November 06, 2017

    Amazing tips that I will defiently be using this upcoming summer. Good read!!!

  • DESIREE: November 05, 2017

    i have wear sun screen all year round it i have light skin and burn even during the winter

  • Dianne Phillips : November 04, 2017

    This product sounds so incredible I really hope I win it. If not I definitely will buy from u when the spring time comes along. Thanks so much for giving me a chance to win this amazing product.

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