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Localish was born out of the desire to express community and friendships around the globe in a time that the world needs it most. We represent being welcoming to others and sharing cultures, while respecting and learning about the communities we visit around the world. We've surfed and adventured all around the globe, and met so many amazing locals that have welcomed us with open arms, and made us feel like one of them.

If you’re familiar with surf culture, you know that it can sometimes come with territorial attitudes. The “Locals Only” bias isn’t limited to just surfing—it transcends to ideas of religion, sexuality, and nationalism. These sentiments inspired us to create Localish, an idea that represents inclusivity. It's a two-way street, as respecting others and the environment are cornerstones of our philosophy.

The idea of Localish came to us when a bartender in Santa Cruz, CA asked if we were locals. Living only an hour away from Santa Cruz, we shrugged and said, “kinda…sure, I guess? We’re local-ish.”

Local-ish. We pondered that term for a few minutes, as we realized we get asked that same question a lot when we travel. What does it mean to be “local-ish,” we thought. After throwing the idea around, we concluded that local-ish is that feeling of belonging and connectedness to a place or community- that same feeling we had when we'd meet local folks who made us feel like part of the community, even though we weren't locals.

We want to encourage that sense of belonging, whether you’re a local, part-time resident, or visitor passing by. Inspired by this philosophy, Localish Apparel is made with original designs created somewhere between Hawaii and California. Join us, and help make the world more Localish. 

Cheers & Aloha,

Jenn & Greg, Founders


Because you belong.

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